Western Division Report

Monday, June 10, 2019

First off I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. This is an important day for our country honoring those who served and have died for our freedoms. I want to thank every veteran who has served and especially all those IBEW Local 97 members who served.

Fredonia Line: I want to thank and recognize Charlie Meli, Ray Campbell and Tommy Coughlin for stopping when they saw an overturned car in a ditch to check and see if anyone needed help. The car was wedged in the ditch and no way for the men to get a door open. Not knowing the condition of the young woman the crew called 911 and got the tools to rescue the driver. The back window was blown out so they cleared out the remaining glass crawled into the car and cut the woman free of her seat belt. They brought the woman into their truck to get her warm and wait for the 911 assistance. Most people would drive by thinking someone else would help; just think how long would she have been trapped if our brother lineman didn't stop. Thank you for being a good citizen and neighbor.

It is election time and I want make sure all our brothers and sisters vote. The process is easy; you will be mailed your ballot, read the instructions, vote and mail it back. The West in the last election had the highest percentage of returned ballots; let's see if we can top the last election percentage for the West. Jim Murty, ABM Western Division

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