NGrid Emergency Hardship Caregiver Subsidy

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Emergency Hardship Caregiver Subsidy

The Emergency Hardship Caregiver Subsidy program has been developed to provide support to employees who are required to work outside the home, in the field or at a National Grid location during the COVID-19 outbreak, and who may have incurred new or additional caregiving expenses for services that have placed a financial hardship on them. The program does not apply to employees who are working from home. The Paperwork & Affidavits for Phase 3 (06/27/20 through 09/04/20) can be obtained by contacting Employee Services at or 888-483-2123 The deadline to submit the paperwork & affidavits for Phase 3 is 09/25/2020 Please review with all employees & post in all Barns/Facilities.

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