IBEW Unity Fund

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The battles over collective bargaining rights, right-to-work legislation, and other labor issues taking place in Wisconsin and other states have spurred the labor movement its greatest level of international and grassroots activism in decades. Union members instinctively understand that the crop of newly elected governors, backed by big money from some of the most powerful corporations and individuals in the world, are not simply trying to balance their states’ budgets – they are seeking once and for all to negate unions as an effective force for working people.

Fighting back is not free. The people on the front lines need resources to tell the world the truth of what is going on and to keep the mobilization of members in high gear. In addition to several actions taken by the International Office to help our locals, the International Executive Council recently passed a resolution creating the IBEW Unity Fund. The IBEW International is dedicating $100,000.00, to the fund, which will be kept in a dedicated account.

Local unions in states facing these decisive battles can request assistance from the fund through their district’s International Vice President, and those requests will be passed on to me. Our goal is to meet as many legitimate needs on the front lines as possible.

Understanding that times remain tough, we ask those local unions from across the IBEW who can do so to contribute to this dedicated fund. We also welcome contributions from individual members. Even if the fight is not on your doorstep, the battles being waged by our locals and those of other unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere are your fight too. If ever there was a time to live by our core principle of solidarity, this is it.

If you wish to contribute, please make checks payable to:

IBEW Unity Fundand mail them to:

IBEW Unity Fund

900 Seventh Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20001

Thank you for your support for your sisters and brothers. If we stand firm, we can create a new day for the labor movement in the United States.

Fraternally yours,

Edwin D. Hill Lindell K. Lee

International President International Secretary-Treasurer

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