Monday, March 19, 2018

Our membership will soon notice a renewed energy within our Local!

Our Ignite committee members will be out in their work locations talking and interacting with the membership. This Committee has several initiatives planned to reinvigorate our local. Please look for these members and take a minute to talk to them about ways to help build comradery, excitement and solidarity within our Local!

The Youth Committee met on March 8th with members in Western Division. I would like to thank Duane Richardson who is organizing the group in the West.

The following are members from the West;

Matt Weeg
Samantha Mancuso
Dave Buczek
Mike McClure
Aric Lockwood
Jesse Hoerner
Dave Brodie

The IGNITE Youth Committee met recently in the Central Division as well and is looking to recruit new members.  If any member 30 years old or under is interested, please call Jim Card at the Central Division office at (315) 476-9797 extension 15.  Currently, there are two members in the Central Division:
 Amanda Kelly 
 AJ Bugge

Look for information in the upcoming months on what these young people are doing and come join in! -Steve Givney - Chairman

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