Eastern Division Report: Thank You For Your Work Restoring Power

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Local 97 East would like to thank the Departments which worked to restore power to our customers from April 5 to April 7, even though as workers we didn't know the company's commitment to staffing this storm. We are working to address issues that took place and continue to try to have our members treated fairly. Some of the groups who worked in the restoration effort are:

LINE, ERCC, TLS, Equipment Operators, CMS, Stores, Clerical, Fleet, Design, M&T, Underground, relay Substation, Gas, Traveling Operators and IHC.

If I missed a group I am sorry, we want the efforts and commitment of our members recognized. 

IBEW, Local 97 and Brookfield Power have recently entered into a straight six year extension to the current collective bargaining agreement with a fair wage rate increase. This extension gives our membership and their families a great level of security and comfort for the future. The officers and staff of the Local would like to thank the membership from this property who came out and voted on the contract extension. The overwhelming support was very much appreciated!

We would also like to welcome the 11 new members who were sworn in at our monthly meeting, pictured above.  We hope to see you at upcoming meetings.

Thank you and have a safe day. -Chuck Milos, IBEW Local 97, Assistant Business Manager East

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