Eastern Division Report: Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We are still in process of selecting our next Electric Safety Advocate. As soon as one has been named, we will get word out including any contact information. As always, please take all precautions necessary to go home in the same shape you arrived in.

We have completed all but one more visit from Peter Altenburger. I hope it has been an eye opening experience for him and some positive changes will come out of it.

Our New York Independent System Operator contract negotiation was completed this month. This agreement will offer our members peace of mind and financial stability with a four year contract offering good wages and benefits. Congratulations to those Brothers and Sisters!

As we enter the snow season and we prepare our personal equipment, tools and the vehicles we use at work for the added challenges the weather brings, please remember to include time to be sure things are prepared at home as well. The most important job every member faces this time of year is to make sure you, your family and your friends have a safe and Happy Holiday Season. -Chuck Milos ABM, Eastern Division

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