Eastern Division Report

Friday, September 18, 2020

The beginning of September has proven once again how important it is for everyone to be on your toes every minute of every day. The Sabic Plastics Plant in Selkirk and the tractor trailer spill on the thruway of hazardous material, and the ongoing violence in the Capital region cities show just how cognizant everyone has to be. Take your time, be aware of your surroundings, and work safe. -Bill Vincent - Business Representative - East

We are not out of the woods yet. That being said, think of things we can do differently today than last year. We are heading into fall and have dealt with Covid 19 for 6 months now. What have we learned that has kept us safe. What have we learned that has caused us to quarantine? Now when in crowds, I stay another step back from others. Make your circle bigger or think of others' space like you want them to think of yours. The handshakes may be on hold but we can still show respect with other noncontact means. Remember we have nothing without our health. -Bill Maloney - Business Representative - East

This note is for anyone looking to take or has taken college classes on line. Local 97 has been having issues with members that have a degree from BISMARCK STATE COLLEGE. The PTO group doesn't want to accept the degree from that college. Before you sign up for any college courses check with learning development or your union hall. We are trying to correct the issue with National Grid and I will follow up soon. -Kevin Lyons - Business Representative - East

We are continuing the fight to keep everyone in a paid status as more and more members are forced into quarantine. Please let us know if you've lost pay due to Covid.

The child care subsidy period is coming to a close, please watch our website for due dates for the paperwork.

Keep in mind the travel restrictions if you plan on traveling out of state. There have been changes in the CDC guidance. They may not apply to NY so be sure your following mandates specific to NYS.

As you all may have seen, there have been changes in overhead line in the East. Keith Mcafee retired, Matt Barnett assumed that role and Mike Marticello will be moving into Matt Barnett's former role. We will work with the new management structure to mitigate any impact to our members in the field. With these changes and generally as we all come into fall, I want to remind everyone that the first and most important thing to remember is that you, your brothers and sisters on the job come first! Don't let the company distract you from what you do. Please watch out for each other and make sure we all go home in the same condition we arrived.

Keep an eye on the Local 97 website for any updates.

Lastly take a minute to remember the holiday and why we have it!

Happy Labor Day

Thank you, -Steve Givney, IBEW Local 97 Assistant Business Manager East

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