Eastern Division Report

Friday, May 8, 2020

National Grid: The Eastern Division staff would like to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of all our members in the midst of this chaotic time. The efforts displayed by our members to practice social distancing during the recent storm restoration, the schedule and shift changes, the unknowns involved in dealing with the public all adds to the concerns facing all of us.

Article IV over time began on April 27th, please let us know if there are any questions or concerns in your work groups with that.

Any remaining carry over vacation at this point will be paid out by the company.

The 'pause' of the post and bid process has been worked through and you should be seeing jobs up for bid. There is a new process for receiving and bidding jobs so please let us know if you're not seeing the postings or you have any questions regarding the process.

It is getting warmer and the Ticks are getting more active as leaves come out. Please use the PPE we have to protect our crew's. If your office does not have supplies of spray, talk to your supervisor.

For all the folks working from home, try to put a little time aside for yourself, especially if there are other family members at home with you. Some moderate exercise a couple times a week is not only good for your health, but can also clear your mind. Take a walk, or reading a book are all good things to give yourself a break from everything that's going on in our lives. Be safe.

Here is an interesting article on one of our members saving a Kite for a little girl.

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