Eastern Division Report

Monday, February 24, 2020
National Grid: The Eastern Division staff would like to recognize all the efforts displayed by our members in this most recent storm. The amount of work performed in this storm restoration period is a testament by our members' commitment to work safely and efficiently and to their professionalism under pressure.

We have project reviews scheduled for the Line, Stations, Relay and Underground groups on March 11 in Albany. Also, the project review for Transmission will be held in Syracuse on March 12.

Half day off the truck was canceled this month due to the storm but it will be rescheduled soon.

Eastern Division Staff: We have a new Safety Advocate for Electric East, I'd like to recognize and thank Patrick Dooley for accepting this role and look forward to having him in the field helping to keep our brothers and sisters safe.

Please join me in thanking Duane Beach for all he's done in the past as the Safety Advocate and again most recently for stepping up and filling this role for the interim period.

With his experience in safety, his role as a Chief Steward and his participation in several committees Duane remains a valuable resource to our members. With his long history of commitment to go over and above the call for his brothers and sisters, I would not hesitate to take advantage of his knowledge in the field should any questions arise.

Liberty Utilities: The Liberty Utility negotiations are complete, and the contract has been ratified. Local 97 members from this property have a 6 year agreement with a 22% wage increase over the term. Congratulations to them!

Organizing Committee As an update, our organizing efforts with Spectrum employees have been continuing. We have been meeting with and talking to the employees there and we're receiving very positive feedback. The committee continues to work tirelessly going from barn to barn in an effort to bring that group into Local 97.    

To our Stewards, Before new employees are sworn into our union local they must have received a new member packet mailed to members home. After they complete paperwork and pay initiation fee the Union Hall will invite them to the next meeting for swearing in. Thank You Kevin Lyons.

We recently had the parking lot lights replaced with new LED'S. Hats off to the streetlight crew for a job well done. Meet with the company on 2nd step grievance for non-senior job awards. Bill Vincent

Steve Givney, IBEW Local 97, Assistant Business Manager Eastern


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