Eastern Division Report

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Eastern Division Staff would like to recognize our Brothers at the Bear Swamp pump storage facility as they begin their 2 year shutdown! Have a safe and productive outage!

Steve Givney recently attended a Town Hall type meeting with the new Brookfield CEO Mitch Davidson. We look forward to some positive changes locally under the new direction he plans to take the Company.

We continue to work hard securing additional funding for FR Clothing due to price increases and have met with the Company and Labor Relations. Hopefully this can be completed by the end of July so we may purchase winter clothing which is typically the most expensive.

The Line Helper jobs were posted last week, hope all those interested bid them. The tentative date for the Helper Job Fair is Friday, July 26th. Anyone who did bid please check the summary for accuracy and if there are any discrepancies notify your supervisor immediately and contact the Union Hall so we can work to correct all issues before the Job Fair.

We are in the process of touring all of the Electric Operations Barns with the new Director of Electric Operations. 

The Eastern Division Union Appreciation day is Saturday September 28th, back at the Saratoga Casino, tickets are available at the Union Hall and at Union Meetings. We are in the process of getting tickets to contact people in each Barn. Business Reps will also have tickets, as you see us out and about in the Barns don't hesitate to get them directly from us. If there are isolated locations where we are not able to have a contact person in the Barn, please call the Union Hall and we will make arrangements to get tickets there.

Please have a safe and enjoyable summer - Charles Milos, ABM Eastern Division

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