Eastern Division Report

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Safety Advocate polling is complete and we have started the process to select a new Safety Advocate Electric.

We will be coming around to all of the Line Barns over the next couple of weeks with the Director of Electric Operations East for his annual visit and talk with the Crews.

I will be scheduling a Line Stewards meeting in mid-November to discus ongoing issues and concerns within the Line Department. Please forward any issues and concerns to your Steward for discussion.

Local 97 will be entering into negotiations with New York Independent System Operators this month. We look forward to working with that group of Brothers and Sisters and look forward to obtaining a great contract for them!

A BIG THANK YOU for all of the members and staff that came out to support the Local 97 IGNITE youth group! The night was a big success and we look forward to welcoming our 22 New members at the next meeting! As always anyone interested in joining the group can contact the hall and keep an eye out for the next event here in the Eastern Division. -Chuck Milos ABM, Eastern Division

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