Central Division Report

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
With the global COVID-19 pandemic that surrounds all of us, it has certainly made 2020 a year most of us would rather forget. It is constantly in our faces, in the news, and of course on Facebook.
People, in general, no matter what their jobs are, have become anxious, depressed, and wonder when this will end. They wonder when, and if, their jobs will come back and when they will be able to gather with family and friends for the holidays that are fast approaching. I for one, am tired for hearing, “This will be the new normal.” There is certainly nothing “normal” about the situation our world is in right now.
We, as utility workers, do not have the luxury of letting our guard down or failing to keep our minds on the tasks at hand. Every day, no matter what department we work in, there is danger. We all still need to do our jobs the safest way we can, to continue to watch out for our crew members, and to be ready for the unexpected. We are ALL essential workers, keeping the power on and the gas running.
Take the time in the next few weeks to rest up, enjoy the holiday season as best you can, and realize the most important thing in life is family. Make sure you get home safely to your loved ones every day.
Continue to watch out for each other. Stay safe and be well.
Happy Holidays!
Fran Capozzi
Gas Safety Advocate
IBEW Local 97 Central Division
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