Batavia Substations goes 10 years with no LTI's.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On behalf of IBEW Local 97 I would like to congratulate the Batavia Substation group for going 10 years without an LTI. This group of men do the job of 3 work groups in other locations, Substations, Underground and Travelers, that is what makes this so amazing. I am impressed with the knowledge needed to work in that department and the ability to know your craft and put safety first.

It takes a team effort to be able to work together and look out for each other to have a great safety record like yours and you get there one job, one day at a time. This is what we all strive for to come into work and work safely so we can go home to our families.

Congratulations to the Batavia substation members, Mark Wanamaker, Jeff Green, Bill Lyons, Mike Lyons, Sr, Jeff Dean, Henry Bernacki, Ken Schiske and Brian Gates.

IBEW Local 97 thanks you.

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