Article XXIII Updates

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

The following Article XXIIIs are open and assigned to Local 97 ABMs and Business Reps as listed below. Our officers and staff will be working with members in these departments to bring the strongest possible Article XXIII proposals to the table. As a reminder, the company’s only obligation under Article XXIII is to meet with Local 97 and review our proposals. There is no guarantee of these proposals being accepted.  We will continue to keep our members updated as negotiations progress.

  • PTO/ Relay: Diana Beeles, Chris Tallon, Jim Zelasko
  • Meter & Test: Chris Tallon, Tony Trusello
  • Fleet Mechanics: Bill Warner, Tony Trusello
  • I&R: Bill Warner, AJ Bugge
  • CMS Central and East: AJ Bugge
  • Underground Line: Tom Ontano
  • Regional Control/ Transmission Control: Chris Roach
  • TLS: Joe Peluso, Chris Roach
  • Traveling Operators: Chris Tallon, Diana Beeles, Jim Zelasko


In Solidarity,


Mike Shelby


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