Western Division Report

Thursday, July 21, 2016

COPE - Committee on Political Education.  What is it and why should you contribute?

Contributions to COPE are used to support and cultivate relationships with elected leaders - leaders that have major influence over the employers we work for.  There is a long list of laws that have been passed, some good, some horrendous for us and our employers.

It can be startling to visit some state legislators in Albany and learn how little some know about what we do for a living and how well intended - yet failed policies, can hurt us and our customers. The "education" facet of COPE is critical to prevent harm through bad legislation, or to advocate for better policy.

Front and center are serious issues your leadership has been working on to advance major investments in our electric and natural gas transmission systems, and gain incentives to save our upstate nuclear generation fleet.
COPE is everyone's responsibility and is the financial mechanism to attend events that help develop personal relationships with legislators, critical for assisting in educating them on our issues, often bringing us face to face with those who mean us harm.

If you do not do so already, PLEASE consider a small donation to COPE - even a dollar a week will help.  Do so as if you job depends on it, as it may very well.  Call your local Union office for the simple donation card.-James Murty, Assistant Business Manager - West

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