Letter Writing Needed in Support of Upstate Plants

Friday, March 25, 2016
Dear Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition Members,
Your commitment to protecting upstate energy jobs is achieving tangible results. Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition members have submitted 40 comments to the Public Service Commission in support of upstate nuclear facilities and each voice helps make a difference.   
While 40 letters is a good start, more support is needed if we want to truly showcase our support. You can continue to help protect local jobs by submitting a public comment to the Public Service Commission that urges New York State to protect upstate nuclear facilities. Thankfully, the initial public comment period has been extended, meaning you still have a chance for your voice to be heard.   
Writing a public comment is an easy three-step process that will take less than five minutes. Simply 1) visit our site – upstateenergyjobs.com, 2) craft a letter based on the suggested talking points, and 3) press submit.   
Demonstrating widespread support for upstate nuclear energy is critical, so we thank you in advance for your help. Once you submit your letter, please also forward this email to your family and friends and encourage them to write a letter.  
With your support, we can amplify the vital role that upstate nuclear plays to power New York.
As always, thank you for your commitment to safeguarding our upstate communities.    

Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition


The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition wants to thank you for your continued support. Your commitment to New York’s economy has achieved tangible results with New York State’s Clean Energy Standard (CES). Governor Cuomo’s inclusion of nuclear power in the CES underscores the importance of nuclear energy in New York and is a milestone for our campaign.

But additional work remains in order to keep Ginna, FitzPatrick and Nine Mile Point operational and protect the 25,000 jobs that these plants help to power. Our email below includes timely updates and ways that you can engage in the CES process.

Coalition Updates

Engaging in in the Clean Energy Standard

Governor Cuomo has directed the New York State Department of Public Service to design and enact a new Clean Energy Standard (CES). The  mandate requires 50 percent of all electricity consumed in New York by 2030 result from clean and renewable energy sources.

New York will greatly benefit from Governor Cuomo’s 50 by 30 goal, but achieving this without adverse ratepayer impacts requires nuclear energy. To engage in the CES development process, you can:

  • Submit a letter to the DPS to discuss the importance of upstate nuclear energy: UpstateEnergyJobs.com.
  •  Comments may be submitted through March 14!
  • Take social media action in support of upstate nuclear: Facebook and Twitter

New York Lawmakers Fight for the Future

Because of your efforts, multiple lawmakers are also fighting for a secure energy future for upstate New York. Assemblyman Will Barclay and Senator Patty Ritchie have introduced two important pieces of legislation. Assembly bill A8688 and Senate bill S06476A would support nuclear energy’s role for a clean energy New York by:

  • Providing a one-time $60 million tax credit to FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant; and
  • Making nuclear power plants eligible for “zero-carbon emission” payments.

The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition supports this legislation. Not only does it provide the support that is needed to upstate nuclear plants, but they also showcase nuclear energy’s vital role in fostering clean energy for all of New York. Please contact your local legislator and tell them to “vote yes” for the future of upstate New York.

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