Vote No on the Constitutional Convention (Prop 1)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Elections are on November 7th. Please get out and vote. There also is Proposition #1 on the ballot. This asks if New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. We are asking you to Vote No. A lot could be changed that will affect us including prevailing wages, the ability to collectively bargain, being injured on the job, and gun control. Due to these changes many different issue groups from across the political spectrum have teamed up to defeat this proposal. All of labor is united in opposing it as well.

If there is a convention, there will be 204 people elected to serve a delegates to the convention. Most will be elected officials or political party bosses. They will get paid $80,000 a year on top of their current salary. It will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Below I have included a video that explains the convention and why you should Vote No. I encourage all Local 97 members to watch the video and share it on your social networks.