Safety and Unity

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Across the state Local 97 is working hard to help our members and to address important issues that face our membership. Below you will see some updates from across the state. Some of the things that our local has been involved in includes our annual half day of the truck. This important session allows us to remind everyone about the important safety procedures that must be done to protect life and limb.

I was also proud to take part in the A Working People's Day of Action against Janus on February 24th.  I was joined in New York City by Local 97 Vice President Martin Currier and thousands of fellow union members from both the public and private sectors. Numerous unions were there including hundreds of IBEW members. Many officials spoke, from union leaders to civil rights leaders, to Governor Andrew Cuomo.  While this case directly affects public sector employees, it is only a matter of time before anti-union forces come after private sector workers. The rally reminded me that when we stick together we have enormous power.