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Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Wednesday was Veteran’s Day. Please remember to thank a Veteran.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Remember what you have to be thankful for family and friends and what we have accomplished.

We are facing the possibility of the loss of 450 members. NRG has announced the mothballing of Dunkirk Steam Station and the shutdown of Huntley Steam Station. Energy has also informed us about the possible closing of their nuclear Fitzpatrick Plant the middle of next year with up to 500 members lost and a major economic impact that will take effect.

We have held rallies and continue to knock on political doors.

Entergy has gone back into talks with the governor’s office to see if they can come up with a deal to keep Fitzpatrick open.

We have started effects bargaining with NRG and will continue in the upcoming weeks. Due to the Warren Act they will be sending out 90 day notices to Dunkirk employees that they plan to shut down Dunkirk and with release dates. The company is also bringing onto the property Fidelity and Pension Connect to help employees with any concerns and to answer questions and to go over benefits. The company is also rolling out resume writing and training.

Job opportunities for NRG will be on the Insider. If you have any interest, please notify Tammy who will be at Dunkirk on Tuesdays and Huntley on Thursdays.

If anyone knows of any job opportunities, please let us know. We have members who are willing to relocate.

Phil Wilcox is still working on issues on the importing of power and we continue to attack that.

The PSC is holding Rev meetings across the state regarding importing power from other states and dirty power. We will try to attend all of them.