Highlighting the Great Work of our Committees

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Being in a union is about more than just going to work. Our brother and sister hood provides a number of extracurricular activities so that all of our members can get involved. Below we have some updates from across the state outlining some of these great events. Our IGNITE youth group is working hard to get our younger members more active in the union and to teach them what it means to be an IBEW member. Our Rodeo teams are forming to not only show off the expertise that our members possess, but also to raise money for the families of our fallen brothers and sisters. Additionally our sisters who are part of the Women's Committee are organizing two events in June and July to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Not only are our members the best in the business, but many of you are also generous with your time and money and have helped make these events a success in the past. I encourage all of our members to read more about these groups below and consider getting involved and supporting them.