Business Managers Report

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bear Swamp, the Brookfield property we organized, has ratified their new contract. We now have 11 new members of Local 97.

We have had a very successful week. The Governor has announced that Fitzpatrick, the nuclear plant in Oswego owned by Entergy that was slated to be closed, has been sold to Exelon who currently owns Nine Mile I and II which we also represent. I would like to extend a thank you to Phil Wilcox who has worked tirelessly to keep this plant open and for everyone who attended rallies and filled out petitions. Our efforts were rewarded.

Scott Collins, who was the Gas Mechanic in Central that was seriously injured, surprised everyone and stopped into the Syracuse Hall during our staff meeting recently. He wanted to express his gratitude for all our support. He is progressing well and has a great attitude. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Due to the International Convention in September, we will be moving our Syracuse meeting to Monday, September 12th.


We will be meeting on August 11th with the new HR Director and Vice President. There are things they want to talk about. We will be looking at possibly pushing out Local 97C negotiations and also will have to start preparing for Local 97 Blue Book negotiations.

There will be a voluntary survey coming out. This is your opportunity to tell them what you think. I would encourage you to fill it out.

Theodore J. Skerpon