Business Manager's Report

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vice President Currier and I attended a rally on the Janus issue in New York City. This is the issue of public unions and might even hit private unions where you do not have to join the union and still get all the benefits and representation. Right now there is a fee payer which is a small portion they pay.

We are working with the Governor and PSC on several issues as far as renewables. There is so much out there. We continue to find the best way. A diverse generation is the way we envision it. There are major issues with solar and something to keep an eye on.

We are working with the Youth Committee trying to get some initiatives going. Steve Givney, Business Representative from the East, will be Chairing this Committee and held a meeting in Syracuse. We appreciate everyone stepping up and getting involved. We need to stop inner fighting and come together as a union.

Received notice from the International they are looking to Charter Local 97 Women’s Committee.


Their contract expires on May 31st. I am trying to set up dates for negotiations. We will be looking for proposals shortly.


The Zero Emission Credits are coming under scrutiny again. That is what is keeping that plant alive. We may be reaching out on possible letter writing and phone calls.


Gas Business Enablement is moving forward and will now be including CMS. They are moving forward with I Pads for scheduling and getting your work. It will be in real time. It makes sense to see what we can do to keep our jobs.

TLS Line Safety Advocate – Brian McDonald will be starting this position April 1st. I would like to thank Pete Ulrich and appreciate all the work he has done.

Project Reviews are being scheduled throughout all divisions.

Employee letter document reviews are starting to be scheduled. We will sit down with Labor to try to remove what we can. Employees will be notified if we are successful in getting letters removed from their file.

Grievance settlements are getting done. Mike Rubino, our new Labor Manager, is starting to work with us.

Auto Progression for Underground – Company has sent us a proposal and job specs. We need to review and get back to them. We will be scheduling a meeting with stewards to review.

We signed a new Incentive Program for theft of service which will pay the employee up to $1,000 depending on what you find if you turn in an issue. We will get the proposal out to everyone.

97 Blue book inserts should be going to the printer and distributed to employees shortly.

Send Word Now – A program Company uses to notify you they you are activated for storm duty. This is only for the management side and does not apply to us. We will still be using call outs. You can sign up for it for informational purposes.

We are having issues with workloads. Several members in the East were fired over sitting in a parking lot after finishing their work for the day and going somewhere to sit. The members are saying that was all the work they had for the day and company is telling you not to go back to the barn. I am telling you to go back and talk to your supervisor. If you are sitting at your barn or job site, there is nothing they can do. Make sure you do all the work you are assigned. Make sure you document everything. I will be talking to Keith McAfee about this issue.