Business Managers Report

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thank you to everybody who voted. The NYS Constitution Convention was voted down.

We are sending crews to Puerto Rico next week thru Christmas; five crews from each division for a total of 30 along with one Fleet crew from each division. There might be a second or third wave.

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed with NRG which saved five jobs at Oswego Steam Station. We were able to get money for those who wanted to retire saving the plant from layoffs.


We finally have a 60% Sick Pay write-up from the Company hopefully resolving the issue. We will be meeting with the Company on November 30th to finalize.

Company has notified us they are looking to eliminate three Files and Repo positions in Syracuse. We will be meeting with the Company on November 21st to discuss.

The Company is having interviews this week for the Director position for NGrid and is hoping to make an offer so the position can be filled soon and hopefully starting December or January.

We are having an issue with Retiree medical. Per the contract anyone retired after 2004 will be affected by changes made to active employees. The company is going back to 2001 which we feel is a violation of the contract. We are waiting to hear back from the company.

We are having an issue with Tick bites. We have been doing a lot of research. The nurse is calling where you are going and telling them not to administer medicine. We have spoken with a Comp Attorney who says you have every right to go to your own doctor. Do not wait. They are doing this to avoid an OSHA Recordable.

We have a conceptual agreement on DOT Medical Cards. We will have a list with a number of doctors in the area acceptable by the Company where you can go to and/or the nurse. Whatever they decide, you will have to live by.

We will be having two dues increases. One on January 1, 2018, which is an International Portion where BA members will pay $22.03, A members $26.18 and all others $16.14. There will be another increase on April 1, 2018, where BA members will pay $22.47, A members $26.62 and all others $16.43.

A Guiding Principle of Safety document is coming out. Please take a look at it. It is pretty basic stuff such as wear your seat belt, don’t  use a cell phone while driving, avoid backing accidents and safety stops. Remember any time you feel unsafe, you can stop the job. We will back you 110%.

I have received a letter from VP Jim Zabinski resigning his position as of December 1, 2017. He will be returning to his position with NGrid on December 4, 2017. He will also be resigning as Chairman of the National Grid/Local 97 Benefit Committee. He will continue on with the Committee as a member. Jim Zabinski would like to thank this Local for everything it has given him and wish the best as it continues on. BM Skerpon thanked Jim for all his hard work and years of dedication to this union and wished him well in the future. He will be missed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We have a lot to be thankful for.