Business Managers Report

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable 4th of July.

The International is requesting our assistance for Local 3 out of New York who is on strike with Spectrum. It is affecting around 1,800 members. This Friday we will be handing out handbills at area stores. The staff will be out there to show our support. If interesting in assisting, please contact the hall.

We will be meeting with Exelon the first week of August to start negotiations. They are the company that recently purchased the Fitzpatrick Plant.

Exelon has introduced the International Code of Excellence at Nine Mile 1 and 2. They pretty much follow it there already and it deals with adhering to policies and safety.

NGrid – we are dealing with the outstanding 60% sick pay issue and hoping to have something finalized soon. We received a draft from the Company which we need to go over.

Established Services – we reached a tentative agreement and waiting on a draft to review from the Company to move forward with the pilot.

The company is looking to meet with us on Maps & Records, Office Technicians and Communication Testers. We have other issues we still need to deal with first.

The Company had five internal candidates for the Upstate Labor Relations Manager opening and has chosen to go to the outside for hiring. We were hoping for someone internal who was familiar with Niagara Mohawk.