Business Managers Report

Sunday, March 19, 2017

          Due to the storms this week we had to cancel our Buffalo and Albany meetings.

          The PSC staffing audit after taking about 18 months to complete has been finished. It is a 700 page document that we will need to go thru to see if there is anything in there to help us get more jobs.

          There will be a 2.5% increase to the Local Union portion of our monthly dues for A and BA members effective April 1st.

          The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved the sale of Fitzpatrick plant to Entergy. We had roll out meetings on the benefit changes. There are still Clean Energy Standard issues with the $2.00 surcharge for downstate with the Assembly. Our friends in the Senate stood up and said this had to happen. The Governor and PSC are still behind the sale.

          Storms – there were issues with the emails that went out with telling non-essential employees to stay home. I don’t ever want to say any of our members are non-essential. Looking into how our members had to report but management were told to stay home in some departments. Also looking into the issue for coding for those that stayed home.

          Had a conference call regarding the Establish Service Pilot which is due to complete on March 25th. We are in the process of extending it to the end of June with the intent of not just pushing it out. We are looking to have it move forward and hoping to add more positions. There are issues with the outside work and money and maybe seeing this being done divisionally. We will be meeting with the members on the pilot to get their concerns and input.

          I sent a list of operational issues for NGrid to Labor in order to set up a meeting to have discussion. Today I received an email from Labor responded to each issue instead of doing a face-to-face meeting. This is an issue doing this over the phone or email so will be pursuing it.

          I am hearing there is management movement on the Gas side of the house. Have not heard who all the replacements will be.