Business Managers Report

Monday, January 16, 2017

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope you had a good holiday.

Exelon/Entergy – We are continuing to work on that. The sale has not been signed yet but hoping to finalize by April.

NRG - It has been announced that Indian Point will be closing. We want to try and repower Dunkirk Steam Station for gas. Have a call this week with Senator Young and NRG to see what is happening.

Town of Worcester – We had a vote on their contract and it was rejected. We hope to get back to that very soon.

Service Employees – Their contract expires January 31st. We have another day scheduled to hopefully finalize their contract.

97 – Had a meeting with the company and hoping to get some information out to the membership in the next week on where we are at with the contract. We have had discussions about an extension which will affect benefits. Nothing has been signed off on it yet. What they are proposing will be a lot less than if we went into negotiations. We are looking at a three year term.

We have a pilot starting for Established Service in Central Division which will include Contact Center, Planning and Consumer Reps. We were able to capture a pay grade level 14 unless their current pay grade level is higher. It is a 60 day project to see how we can give better service to our customers. If the pilot is successful, hoping to capture the work and possibly more jobs.

Theodore J. Skerpon