Business Manager Report

Thursday, February 14, 2019

I have met with the Executive Board to go over the budget for this year.

We are facing many challenges in the upcoming years;

·          New York initiative to be 100 percent renewable by 2040. This will have an impact on all of our generation.

·          AMI meter program is a few years out but if approved by the PSC it will eventually affect our membership numbers in CMS.

·          EV charging stations - We are looking to get departments like Street Lighting involved.

·         Upcoming large scale renewable projects.

We will be making sure that we are a part of all of the above and trying to keep as much as we can in-house.

We also cannot lose sight of the 8 contracts that will be expiring in the near future.

I attended a Business Managers meeting in Atlantic City and the IBEW is putting more pressure on local unions to organize.

We have received a NLRB charge against the Union from a member who went into management and then came back to the union and wants his seniority back.

IBEW Local 3 Spectrum workers have been out over 2 years and the Grid steel workers were out 7 months. Unions have been under tremendous pressures.

On the properties;


Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (made up of executives from several different plants) was impressed with our Boss (Brotherhood Owned Safety System) Peer to Peer program which is a direct reflection on our Safety Advocate Program and the members at Nine Mile.


Met with the company regarding project Legacy which they did not have enough information on for us to respond to.


Regional Control - We met with the Stewards and went over the 12 hour agreement. We are waiting for the company to respond to our clarifying questions.

Warehouse – We have a meeting February 14 to review the company proposal with the department Stewards for a driver only job spec.

Had an OPC meeting and still waiting for the company response.


The company notified the union of intent to discontinue the disability and separation plans which we feel is part of our contract.


The company will be meeting in the spring with the union staff and members to review post 65 retiree benefits. It should have minimal impact to our members.


We will be meeting on February 21ST with the new owners Liberty to discuss transition.