Western Division Report

Sunday, February 23, 2020

We have had problems in a few different departments with the newer qualified hires and those who come up through the company and into progression series. It has no affect on representation from the Union hall no matter how someone gets hired and becomes a member.

It is our the Union job to protect everyone the same under the CBA. We need to respect rank in the Union and in classifications. Please use your Union stewards first and Union hall second. Respect rank on the job if the Chief asks you to do something. it's ok to ask questions but unless it a safety concern he has the final say on the job. If you have a legitimate safety concern you have every right to a safety stop.

This goes back to last month's talk about member-on-member issues. Let's try to keep them in-house; management can't turn the other way so once you ring the bell it cannot be un-rung.

Upcoming Dates;
02/26 3rd step grievances
02/28 SAC Line Buffalo
02/28 Interviews CMS Safety Advocate
03/06 Line Chief steward Article XXIII Orchard Park Union Hall invites to come soon

 Jim Murty IBEW Local 97, Assistant Business Manager - Western Division

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