Western Division: Lake Road Substation Completed

Monday, December 21, 2015
Lake Road Substation $2.75 million dollar rebuild was completed ahead of schedule.
The Lake Road substation rebuild was planed to improve the overall reliability for customers in Wilson NY. The rebuild was plagued with problems from the beginning. First with delays in materials for the project, then complicated with problems from the temporary mobile substation. It looked as if the timeline for the station was doomed. The Western Division Substation Manager and his team along with Local 97 revised the schedule to condense it and complete the project ahead of schedule.
The updated substation's new equipment will nearly double the previous power capacity to support growth in the area surrounding the Town of Wilson. It will also improve the reliability in the area serviced by Lake Road station due to the new equipment being able to be monitored and controlled by the Regional Control Center.
I want to congratulate: Buffalo Substation Construction, Buffalo Relay, Buffalo Meter & Test, Niagara Falls Line and WRCC groups that all worked together to complete this project. This was a true team effort.
This project should demonstrate once again to the company that our field crews should always be the workforce of choice, their best choice.
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