A Night Out With IGNITE

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Local 97's Ignite Youth Group hosted an open house at the Eastern Division union hall on March 20, 2019 for our younger members. Dinner was provided along with an overview of what it means to be a Local Union 97 member. Look for more events from Ignite in the coming months.

Ignite would also like to invite the whole membership to join them in an upcoming show of solidarity! Please look for details at your local meetings/ Soon there will be tee shirts available at your hall.

As you've already heard at your monthly meetings, Local 97 has been working with PSEG on a post 65 retiree medical enhancement for our Brothers and Sisters at the Bethlehem Energy Center. This new program will ensure our retirees are able to comfortably afford good health care and remain better protected from the uncertain health care costs in the future while they enjoy their retirement.

NSUJL Line Rodeo, Climbing for Lost Linemen this year is June 21st and 22nd. IBEW Local 97 has once again become a sponsor to support 3 teams that are attending and paying their own way. We would like to wish them the best of luck and a safe trip. We know they will do Local 97 proud.

With March quickly passing, please remember to order your FR clothing, as the stipend money does not roll over to next fiscal year. Proper PPE is essential in this business. Don't put it off.

Lastly, the Eastern Divisions staff would like to wish the Brothers and Sisters working for PSEG a safe and productive spring outage! -IBEW Local 97 Eastern Division, ABM Chuck Milos

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