Eastern Division: be Aware of Ticks

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I want to wish all those competing in the International Lineman's Rodeo Good Luck, I know you will do Local 97 proud!!

On October 11 2017 we attended a Tick Awareness Seminar in Albany hosted be TLS Construction. One of the speakers was Dr. Ronald Stram of the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine in Delmar N.Y. He talked about tick bites being misdiagnosed and the problems that are created. One fact he talked about was that only 10% of tick bites ever show a bullseye, 40% show a red spot, and 50% never show any sign of a bite. Lyme disease is not the only disease that ticks transmit. There are over 9 different pathogen or disease that ticks transmit. Most need to be treated with different antibiotics. There were 3 other speakers.

If you are looking for more information about Ticks/Lyme disease/ and prevention look at these web sites:

All the speakers did say the best way to prevent Lyme Disease was to do your best to prevent ticks from getting to your skin. Here are some examples:

  • Wear light clothing so you can see the ticks
  • Wear long sleeves.
  • Tuck pants legs into socks
  • Spray outdoor clothing with Permethin. Never spray skin with this produced.
  • 20 % DEET spray can be used on skin.
  • Natural repellents (Sniff N Stop)
  • Do frequent "Tick Checks" for Adults, children, and pets
  • Throw your clothing into dryer for 5-10 minutes when coming indoors. Heat kills Ticks

Leaves are falling and with that they can hide hazards in a customer's yard and in our work zones, as well on the roadways when they are wet and slippery. Take extra time to safely walk and drive this time of year.

Your Local's staff would like to remind everyone to be ever vigilant in keeping yourself and your sisters and brothers safe on and off the job! Be mindful of the additional dangers involved with the winter weather. Take a moment to think about what you would do if faced with a cold weather emergency related to exposure, slips trips and falls and especially driving, prepare for those possibilities don't wish you had. Let's all work to keep every member of this great Local safe, happy and healthy this season! -Chuck Milos, ABM East IBEW Local 97

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