Voting, Going to Public Hearings and Making Calls to Lawmakers Can Save Our Jobs

Monday, November 2, 2015
Message from Business Manager Ted Skerpon
There are a lot of uncertainties right now with the Fitzpatrick, Dunkirk and Huntley plants. Across the state, politicians are pandering to irrational environmentalist, instituting a credit system that will force our compliant employers to make tough decisions that may end up in massive job losses. So as a union we need to do 3 things right now. The first is contact your lawmaker and tell them to get it right with Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) and to not punish good responsible employers like Fitzpatrick, Dunkirk and Huntley. The second is to get out on Tuesday, November 3rd and exercise your American right to vote. Last and certainly not least, we all need to get out to the NYS Public Service Commission's Public Hearings on the REV and make our presence and voice heard. The Utility Labor Council of NYS is actively engaged in a campaign to save Local 97 jobs. A sample ad is below. 
All Local 97 Brothers and Sisters, no matter what part of the Company you work in or what Company you work for, need to attend one of the REV hearing dates listed below. It is imperative that we show up in solidarity and be part of the solution. Bring your family members, friends or neighbors. This is our time to stand up for ourselves, our families, and our community. We are not part of the problem, we are the power professionals who can bring reason to this often emotional issue. As always, work hard and make safety a daily habit.